What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is a phenomenon of patients travelling to other countries to obtain medical, dental, and surgical care while at the same time touring, vacationing, and fully experiencing the attractions of the visiting countries. Exorbitant costs of healthcare in industrialized nations, ease and affordability of international travel, favorable currency exchange rates in the global economy, rapidly improving technology and standards of care in many countries of the world, and most importantly proven safety of healthcare in select foreign nations have all led to the augment of medical tourism. More and more people are traveling to foreign destinations as an affordable, enjoyable, and safe alternative to having medical, dental, and surgical procedures done in their home countries.

Medical Tourism Destinations

Several countries have identified medical tourism as a national industry; however, accreditation and other measures of quality vary widely across the globe with India being looked upon as a preferred destination with regard to quality infrastructure, ease of communication, holistic treatment methods and a wide choice of post treatment activities with Tourism being the most sought after.

Factors that have led to the increasing popularity of medical travel include the high cost of health care, long wait times for certain procedures, the ease and affordability of international travel, and improvements in both technology and standards of care in many countries.

Traditionally people have been coming to India for it’s culture, historical monuments, multi-ethinicity, the food, the weather, etc. but in recent years the progress & infrastructure development in the health care industry that boasts of state-of-art Hospitals & Research Centers that are in par with the USA & Western Europe are well-eqipped to provide medical and health care that matches or exceeds international standards and that too at phenomenal lower  costs.

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